Hello!I‘m Hidetaka Okamoto

I'm a JavaScript developer building Serverless web applications on the Jamstack. In addition, I work with founders and developers as a Developer Advocate at Stripe.
You can follow me on Twitter at @hidetaka__dev


Topic for speaking & writing

I love to teach and present about these tools, frameworks, and services.

JavaScript / TypeScript

Developing frontend and server-side applications.

React / Stencil

Creating UI components for rich user experiences.


Making websites using these Jamstack frameworks.

AWS (Backend)

Using AWS resources to deploy and run application backends.

AWS Amplify / Netlify

Deploy web applications on serverless platforms.


Publishing anything online and contributing to Open Source community projects.

Messaging & Voice UI

Crafting voice and chat apps to communicate with customers on Alexa, Line, Amazon Lex, etc...

Online payments

Build your online business with the Stripe API and developer tools


Speaker information.

profile image
Full name
Hidetaka Okamoto
Preferred Name
Hide (ひで pronounced “Hee Day”)
Osaka & Tokyo, Japan

AWS Samurai 2017

Alexa Champions


Hide (ひで pronounced “Hee-Day”) is a Developer Advocate at Stripe, where he works on writing, coding, and teaching how to integrate online payments. He has organized several community conferences including WordCamp Kyoto and JP_Stripes Connect 2019, the first Stripe user conference in Japan. Prior to Stripe, Hide was a lead Software Engineer at DigitalCube, focused on building plugins, open source, and developing SaaS application dashboards. Hide lives in Hyogo, Japan with his family and two cats.